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Replacements and Repairs

Plumb365 Inc. is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to water heaters. We have the experience and plumbing skills necessary to tackle your water heater repair or replacement quickly so you can get back to life. With Plumb365 Inc., clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

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Why hire a professional plumber for your water heater install?

1. Flood and water damage

Water heaters, regardless of whether tankless or tank are connected to your pressurized water system. This is an endless supply of water at a pressure of 45-80 PSI. Water is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. When you consider the statistics, it becomes clear just how common and devastating a problem water damage can be. According to industry estimates, 14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day. The costs are just as staggering as the frequency. Water damage and mold cost the insurance industry $2.5 billion dollars per year, and the average cost of a home water damage insurance claim is $6,965.

2.  Risk of Fire, Electrocution and Explosion

Gas water heaters burn fuel to heat your water. Natural and propane gas is extremely flammable, One mistake when installing your heater can cause a  fire or explosion. Most electric water heaters utilize 240 volt or more. A mistake with this much voltage is more than enough to be fatal and or can cause a severe fire. The risk to you and your family’s lives, not to mention property damage, is not worth the perceived monetary savings of attempting to install the heater on your own.

3. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Gas water heaters have a vent system. When there isn’t enough airflow or if vent pipes are incorrectly installed carbon monoxide builds up. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas, if there were a leak it would be undetectable without a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause permanent brain damage and death.

4. Peace of Mind

Water heater replacements generally need to be permitted by the local authority to be legally installed. We will ensure that your water heater is permitted and up to code so they can pass the required inspection. Should you have an issue with your water heater while the unit is under warranty, we work with the manufacturer to resolve your warranty work as quickly as possible.

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