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If you're looking for a great plumber, Plumb365 is the answer to your quest! Knowledgeable, friendly, honest, and reasonable are all words I'd use to describe these guys! From Elizabeth in the office, technicians Richie and Brody, all the way up to Mike the owner... They've set the bar VERY high! I texted Richie with a concern on a Saturday evening... Valentine's Day in fact. He called me back at 9:30 that night and we spoke for almost a half an hour! He definitely went above and beyond that night as they ALL do every day. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Thanks again Plumb365 Team...!

Well Inspection

So first, Elizabeth was a great first point of contact. She convinced me, with honest talk, to give them a try. Plus she said Boston Dave was available to come to our home for an emergency toilet repair and said we'd love him. She was right and BD is a riot and arrived right on schedule within 2 hoyrs. Plus a great fixer. My 2 yr old grandson, God bless him, dumped a whole box of qtips in the toilet and the old plunger just wouldn't do the trick. 15 minutes in BD had our toilet back up and flushing. These guys are top notch pros. I recommend heartedly and without reservation.

G. D.


Where's that sixth star? We've been using Plumb365 for a couple of years now and here's our experience Every Time:

1. Professional service
2. Knowledgeable personnel
3. Reasonable pricing
4. Thorough work
5. Integrity to the max
6. Patient with my questions
7. Uses only quality materials
8. Stands behind their work

Here's what they've done for us:
1. Sewer flush
2. Replace toilet valves
3. Replace water pressure regulator
4. Install RO unit
5. Install sink faucets & air gap
6. Replace washer hookups
7. Install new toilets
8. Variety of other repairs

Water Foam

I can't say enough about our positive experiences with Plumb365. Many of our neighbors have used their services and have had the same experience. Mike, an owner, has extensive knowledge in plumbing and took a great deal of time to explain our most recent plumbing issue. We have used them for small jobs and know when we have any larger jobs we can use them with confidence. Their technicians are always friendly, on time, clean and knowledgeable. Elizabeth in the front office makes it all run efficiently and smoothly. Their prices are also reasonable and very fair, especially considering the excellent service and knowledge they bring.

Re-pipping of outside plumbing and bathroom
Emergency inspection for sudden leak in kitchen
Dishwasher removal


It was like having a friend you trust fix your plumbing issues. Atila came out and saved the day. He installed a new toilet, replaced a regulator for the water pressure, installed a new shut off valve for my sprinkler and a few other small items that needed to be done that I just didn't feel comfortable doing myself. What a great guy! Everything was done professionally with great care taken not to dirty my carpets or floors. I would highly recommend this company, and I have, to my friends. If a problem arises I know who to call. Mike, the owner, even took time out to give me advice on what brand and model of toilet to buy. Because let's face, who is up to date on toilet models. Thanks again.

Check us out on YELP and see what your neighbors think about us.

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